21 May

Hillary Clinton, Disclosures & Truth


The McGlynn: Quote “The Clintons, who the former First Lady memorably described as just a family of down-on-their-luck broke former Arkansans when they left the White House, have lived high on the proverbial hog for more than a decade as a result of their supposedly good deeds. With so little money going to actual charity, they’ve had plenty left over for the creature comforts associated with running such a big company. In effect, their foundation and initiative is nothing more than a thinly disguised political slush fund that has made them three very wealthy people.”

The Clinton Foundation acknowledged that it made “mistakes” on tax forms, but denied allegations of cronyism sparked by a new book.

The charity founded by former president Bill Clinton has been under fire this month thanks to allegations made in the book “Clinton Cash” and related news reports alleging that donors to the foundation received special treatment from Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

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