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Hillary Clinton claims she did not vote for war in Iraq


Hillary Clinton claims she did not vote for war in Iraq 

So apparently this is now a thing. What happened was that Clinton didn’t actually vote for the war in Iraq. According to Clinton, what she voted for was leverage. And then, whoopsie, George Bush invaded Iraq. Hey don’t blame her, she voted for leverage. At CNN’s town hall last evening:

Clinton said: “The very explicit appeal that President Bush made before announcing the invasion that getting that vote would be a strong piece of leverage in order to finish the inspections. And he made that comment.”

Am I taking crazy pills, or is this seriously….like….. not what happened at all?

……the then-senator from New York opted to vote against an amendment to the resolution that would have stressed a U.N.-centric approach.

The amendment by Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Michigan, would have limited U.S. military action to enforcing a new U.N. resolution to eliminate Iraq’s nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs.

So the Levin amendment stated that the U.S. would only go to war if Iraq was deemed in violation of the sanction regime the UN was trying to impose. The amendment, in other words, was a vote for leverage. Iraq doesn’t comply with the inspection regime, we invade. Simple. The problem is that Hillary Clinton voted against this amendment, and voted for unilateral action at the sole discretion of the Bush administration. Her story is pure, revisionist fiction. Or, as CNN put it….

Reality Check: Clinton on Iraq War vote

Verdict: False.

The McGlynn:

Further, Blix, who was the U.N. chief weapons inspector at the time, never voiced support for a unilateral military authorization in Iraq.

While speaking to the U.K. Iraq War inquiry in 2010, Blix acknowledged the pressure of the U.S. military buildup in the region had led Saddam to permit U.N. inspectors to return in September 2002.

However, Blix also said that he did not believe the U.S. was entitled to invade Iraq without a U.N. Security Council resolution specifically authorizing military action.

Clinton’s statement seems to suggest that Blix requested the Senate vote to aid inspections. There appears to be no evidence of this.


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