14 Nov

Higher Ground


Margaret and Helen

By: Helen Philpot

And for goodness sakes, grow a pair and quit apologizing for it.

Margaret, you tell Howard that I’ll close up shop when he stops watching FOX.  I may be old, but I am not dead and this sure as hell isn’t my first time to the rodeo.  My voice just got louder and my fat ass isn’t going anywhere until Jesus calls me home.

The thing about politics, Margaret, is that these days there really is no middle ground.  Not a single candidate won their seat with a mandate.  Show me a candidate who took 100% of the votes and I’ll show you a candidate with a mandate.  For example, even Mr. Coons up there in Delaware represents 40% of voters who preferred a witch.  And Governor Perry down here in my state is still the Governor for over 2 million Texans who voted for the other guy.  Which one do you think  is looking for middle ground today?

Senator Coons told people,  ”I’m honored and humbled by the confidence expressed by the voters of Delaware today, but now the hard work begins. I’ve said all along that this campaign is about Delaware’s families and the challenges they face.” 

About that same time Perry was telling reporters, ?”When the outcomes of this election are certified, we will see a substantial conservative presence in both the Texas House and Senate.  We are one day closer to seeing the changes we want in Washington.”  ? He then set out to do the hard work Texans elected him to do… sell his book.  By the way, in his book he writes, “If you don’t support the death penalty and citizens packing a pistol, don’t come to Texas.  If you don’t like medicinal marijuana and gay marriage, don’t move to California.”

Now that’s bringing the country together …

For there to be common ground, both sides have to be looking for it.  Kind of hard when the new Republican leader John Boehner has declared that Republicans will not compromise.  Funny.  They’ve been compromising on their principles about smaller government for years.  Why change now when compromise is exactly what we need?

Sometimes I just scratch my head and wonder how much better life would be if Americans still had to turn a page in a newspaper rather than flip a channel on the boob tube to get the news.   But such is life.  You live and you learn.  And at my age you learn too  much.  For instance, I have learned that when Democrats over-reach, we end up providing health insurance coverage for children who have pre-existing conditions.  When Republicans over-reach, we go to war.

When a liberal activist judge over-reaches, a disenfranchised group of Americans have their constitutional rights restored.  When a conservative activist judge over-reaches, the country’s elections get handed to corporations on a silver platter. 

Sour grapes?  Maybe.  I never said I was without prejudice.  In fact, I have openly admitted to being a bitch.  But the difference between my being a bitch and Sarah Palin being a bitch is huge.  When I am a bitch,  a few people get a good laugh over an old lady’s blog writing.  When Sarah Palin is a bitch, some of God’s most beautiful handiwork gets reduced to a line item on Exxon’s annual report.

I have lived all my life speaking my mind.   And I don’t intend to stop now.   You want to know what I really think?  I think Fox News has no problem telling lies.   And I think a whole lot of white people don’t like having a black President.  And I think gay people scare straight people.  And religious people forget the basic teachings handed down by the founders of their religion.  At the crossroads of every major religion, you’ll find the Golden Rule.   Too bad they’ve deleted it from their GPS.

Do you really expect me to believe that a bunch of Republicans were swept into office because Democrats covered pre-existing conditions for children?  Or because Health Insurance Companies can’t drop you when you are no longer profitable?  Or that Cap and Trade is killing our country?  Please.  I bet you can’t find 10 Tea Party voters who can even tell you what Cap and Trade is.  I know for damn sure that bitch from Alaska can’t.

Michele Bachmann is a lunatic who wants Democrats investigated.  Sarah Palin quit her job as Governor so she could get rich.   Sharron Angle told a bunch of hispanic students that they looked a little Asian – as if the Asians got together with the Hispanics to create a bigger voting block ???  I mean what the hell was that all about anyway?  

Wake up America.  John Boehner is orange for goodness sakes.  Orange people don’t have to be asked because you can tell just by looking at them.   Where is Michele Bachmann’s investigation on orange people?  

And this lot is better than Obama?  I’m not buying it.

Ten percent of the vote came out of a nation frustrated by unemployment.  The other 90% remains divided.  As soon as the jobs return we’ll be back to dealing with the hard problems:  Racism.  Sexism.  Ageism.  Religious fanaticism.  Ignorance…ism.   And Sarah Palin.

Two years ago, the pundits predicted that the Republican party had become a regional party reduced to the southern states.  Clearly they were wrong. Why?  Because hate has no boundaries and Sarah Palin found a flight out of Wasilla.

Today the pundits are saying that Democrats are out of touch with the main stream.  Guess what?  So were abolitionists.   Pundits come and pundits go.  I’ve been around for more than 80 years.  Deal with it.

For everyone who is currently considering removing their Obama sticker from the back of their car… for every Democrat who made the effort to get out the vote and today is feeling a little down… for every progressive American who is thinking about moving to Canada…. I say this: 

Christine O’Donnell might not have been a witch, but Sarah Palin is definitely a bitch.   Three steps forward.  One step back.

We’re still two steps ahead of the game with a Senate and a White House.  Washington will be grid-locked for the next two years, but the ground war just came to the States.  Democrats need to stop looking for middle ground and start looking for higher ground.  And for goodness sakes, grow a pair and quit apologizing for it.

As I see it, the Democrats have one job between now and the next election –   figuring out how to get those who stayed home mad enough to get off their asses.    Democracy isn’t a spectator sport.  I mean it.  Really.

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