22 Aug

Jobs! Damn It Jobs! Help us deliver these messages to Congress

 Dear The McGlynn

Help America get back to work!
Send us your story, and we’ll deliver it to Congress next week.

Or, if you’re still employed, make a donation to help those without jobs be heard.

When you read about the nation’s unemployment crisis, it’s important to remember that unemployment statistics are more than mere numbers — they represent hard-working Americans who are struggling to find jobs to pay their bills and feed their families.

Congress — focused instead on protecting tax breaks for the wealthy and threatening vital programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — doesn’t get it, so USAction is collecting stories from its members about their battles with unemployment. We’ll deliver these stories to Congress starting next week, so they’re forced to hear the stories of the unemployed and confront the nation’s jobs crisis.

If you’re unemployed, or if you know someone who is, please share your story.

We’ve already gathered hundreds of stories from the front lines of the recession. Can you donate $10 and help us deliver these stories to Congress?

  • Cynthia in Virginia: “I have been unemployed since 2006, but I have actively looking for employment off and on since then. I have put applications in everywhere in my local area and still no job…. I would rather work then sit at home. But there are no jobs.”
  • Dennis in Arizona: “I was laid off after 14 years with my employer who went out of business. At 57 now, I fear that I may never work again, and also that when unemployment runs out and my savings is exhausted, I will have no resources to save my home where I have lived for ten years. Then what?”
  • Gabriela in New York: “I keep reading that employers don’t even look at resumes of people who have been out of work longer than six months. Apparently it is our fault that there weren’t any jobs to apply to when we first got laid off or that we got laid off for no fault of our own.”
  • Matt in Georgia: “We don’t need the social safety net shredded to bring down deficits we can’t fix right away anyhow without actual revenue increases; we need measures that will get all those companies sitting on hoards of cash to start investing some of it in new hires and equipment to spur spending. Nobody but business can break the vicious cycle of no jobs/no spending/no business/no jobs without the government stepping in to prod them. And tax cuts for the rich have been proven already not to be the answer.”
  • Sandra in Ohio: “I used up all my retirement funds and savings getting through the last two layoffs rather than default. I was terrified of losing my home and went deeper into debt. Now I’m laid off again and when the unemployment runs out, I will end up defaulting.”

We need to get America back to work, but Congress is instead trying to cut jobs. Meanwhile — as USAction has been highlighting for the past two weeks — some employers are refusing to take job applications from anyone who is unemployed.

Congress needs to act. Please either share your unemployment story, so we can add it to the list of hundreds of stories we’ll be delivering to Congress, or donate $10 to help us deliver these messages to members of Congress in Washington and in their home districts.

Drew Hudson



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