17 Mar

Governor Snyder Testifies at Congressional Hearing on Flint Water Crisis

The McGlynn: The children who are effected will never have a normal life, will be stuck on welfare or disability their whole life due the criminal activity of Snyder and his administration. They have zero chance at life.

Quoting Snyder often: “ I don’t remember”. Which is the ideal protection against being indicted for perjury.

And he wants Michigan tax payers to pay his legal fees.

Recall this bastard! Then Indict!


Petition drive to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder starts tomorrow

By Chris Bowers
If you live in Michigan and wish to help recall Governor Rick Snyder, go to and sign up to volunteer.

Tomorrow at 1pm local time in Lansing, The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder ( is officially launching a petition drive to recall Michigan’s new Republican Governor. In order to put the recall on the November ballot, they need to submit 807,000 valid signatures before August 5.

The process for recall elections in Michigan is different from other states. If the recall is successfully placed on the November ballot, voters will choose between recalling or not recalling Rick Snyder. If the voters side with recall, then “a special election is conducted on the next regular election date to fill the office vacancy.” This would most likely mean the 2012 Michigan primary.

The petition effort is undeniably a longshot, as it lacks any official support—and thus any significant resources—from either the Michigan Democratic Party or local labor unions. Compared to the well-heeled efforts we have seen in Wisconsin and Ohio, the Committee to Recall Rick Snyder is an all-volunteer organization with barely enough money to print petitions.

Still, it’s too early to count them out. I have spoken with members of the organization, and they have signed up over 1,200 volunteers, conducted numerous trainings, and can boast organizational captains in every county in the state.

Rick Snyder’s abysmal approval rating will also help this campaign. In mid-March, less than three months into his term, PPP found Snyder at 33% approve, 50% disapprove. More recently, and using a different question wording, EPIC-MRA found (PDF) that 27% of Michiganders thought Snyder was doing an “excellent” or “pretty good” job, while 60% thought he was doing a “just fair” or “poor” job. So, while The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder probably needs to gather 1,000,000 signatures with little money, they will have a large pool of discontent to draw upon.

At Daily Kos, we are looking into various ways that we can help out on this recall effort. For now, if you live in Michigan and which to help, go to and sign up to volunteer. We will have more on this story, and more ways to help, as the situation develops.

Recalling Gov. Rick Snyder is harder than ever under 2012 law he signed

On Dec. 27 of 2012 Gov. Rick Snyder signed bills changing the state’s recall rules. Three years later, those rules are throwing up new hurdles in an effort to recall him.

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