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Gingrich & Romney Voter Fraud

EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Officials Confirm Criminal Election Fraud Investigation of Gingrich Campaign

Had the same thing been carried out by a worker for the now-defunct ACORN, Republicans — and even Newt Gingrich — would have called it massive “voter fraud.” But  the 1,500 acts of fraud, by Gingrich’s own admission, were carried out by a worker hired by his campaign, so it seems the media have barely noticed it.

Nonetheless, The BRAD BLOG has received confirmation from two different state agencies that the 1,500 alleged cases of ballot petition fraud said to have been carried out on behalf of the Gingrich campaign, in their unsuccessful attempt to qualify for the Republican primary ballot in Virginia, are now being carried out by the state Attorney General’s office.

In late December, after Gingrich had failed to turn in enough valid signatures to qualify for the Virginia primary ballot, he was caught on video tape telling a supporter in Iowa that the reason for the failure was due to a campaign worker who created 1,500 fraudulent signatures.

“We turned in 11,100 — we needed 10,000 — 1,500 of them were by one guy who, frankly, committed fraud,” Gingrich is seen and heard saying in video originally aired by CNN.

The former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives downplayed the incident, by explaining to the woman that the entire affair was “just a mistake,” after they had “hired somebody who turned in false signatures.”

Neither he nor his campaign, however, has made the name of the alleged “one guy” public, to our knowledge, despite the extraordinary number of fraudulent signatures created and turned in by that “one guy” in what an official at the Virginia State Board of Elections (SBE) described to us as “definitely an illegal act.”……………………………………

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Speaking of actual voter fraud, let’s not forget Mitt Romney’s

If pre-election polls hold true, while today’s GOP Primary in the state of Florida may effectively knock out Gingrich from contention for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination, the party’s likely standard bearer, Mitt Romney, seems to have some actual voter fraud issues of his own.

Charges concerning the former Massachusetts Governor’s apparent voter fraud have largely been ignored by the media to date as well, just as the Republican Party would like them to.

As originally highlighted by long-shot Republican Presidential candidate Fred Karger last summer, Romney had been registered to vote in the unfinished basement of his son’s manse in Belmont, Massachusetts long after the former Governor and his wife had sold their own home there, and purchased two others — one in California and another in neighboring New Hampshire.

Despite testimony from local Belmont residents that neither he nor his wife had been seen in the town he was registered to vote in for years, Romney cast a ballot in the January 2010 special election for the U.S. Senate between Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley. However, it wasn’t until July of 2010 that the Romneys once again purchased a small townhouse in MA in preparation for their Presidential run.

Last week, Romney release his federal income tax forms stating his residence to be “Belmont, MA.” However, as we noted at the time, his specific address was redacted, so it’s impossible to know, based on that return, if he used the address at his son’s house or his newly purchased townhouse in the same small town, as his residence for tax purposes that year.

Notably, Romney failed to release his state income tax returns for 2010, nor any of them for years prior. A 2009 return showing his residence to be income-tax free New Hampshire would be damning evidence of voter fraud in the January 2010 election in Massachusetts.

The Romney campaign has failed to respond to several of our queries on this matter seeking to find out whether or not Romney considered himself a resident of Massachusetts, or not, at the time he cast his vote in the January 2010 special election.

At this time, it appears entirely possible that the likely 2012 Presidential nominee for the Republican Party, Mitt Romney, is, himself, a voter fraud criminal, even as his current alternative-of-the-moment, Newt Gingrich, faces a confirmed criminal felony investigation for some 1,500 acts of ballot petition fraud in his own home state of Virginia.
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show on 12/29/11 covers Newt Gingrich’s claim that “one guy” turned in 1,500 fraudulent signatures to the Virginia Board of Elections on behalf of his campaign, but that it was little more than “just a mistake”…

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show on 12/29/11 covers Newt Gingrich’s claim that “one guy” turned in 1,500 fraudulent signatures to the Virginia Board of Elections on behalf of his campaign, but that it was little more than “just a mistake”…

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