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Genetically Modified…Basra and Falluja, Iraq

An Arab Woman Blues – Reflections in a sealed bottle…

Layla Anwar at 6.5.10  

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 Genetically Modified… ,

May 6, 2010

Thousands of Iraqi mothers are being asked not to get pregnant at all…

Some years ago, I knew a Western woman…she was was not exactly a friend, more like an acquaintance, a friend of a good friend of mine.
Anyways, this woman I will call her Marion, was newly wed and she and her husband were very much looking forward to having a baby.

When Marion got pregnant, after careful planning, because Westerners love to plan everything right down to the last cent — she had all the medical care she needed. Tests, ultrasounds and the rest….and during her 4th month of pregnancy she underwent the usual exam to determine that her baby was a healthy fetus.

Marion was devastated when her doctor informed her that her baby had some genetic deformity and she had to undergo an abortion. Marion then lapsed into a severe depression despite the fact that her doctor assured her that she can still have healthy babies in the future, she’d panic at the thought of getting pregnant again and her marital relation suffered a severe blow which ended up in a divorce…

During her grieving period, her friends and family showed her the utmost support…everyone sympathized with her losing a 4 month old fetus, empathy overflowed, so did the pampering, and the endless sessions with specialized psychiatrists who tried their best to help Marion overcome her grief…

It was a big deal…very big deal…how could nature deal such a fate to Marion – everyone wondered…and I saw heads shake in disbelief at this cruelty…and heard the exclamations of horrified indignation, for one pregnancy gone awry.

I felt – well yes it is sad, but it is not the end of the world. She’s lucky she found out in mid pregnancy instead of waiting till delivery and she’s still young and in good health, she has access to medical services, she lives in a healthy environment, she has a good diet, she has support, and she can get pregnant again…

The fuss was overdone in my opinion…but then Westerners care so much about life, healthy babies, healthy families, and their absolute right to have all of the above in the best conditions possible…

Years passed, I don’t know what happened to spoiled Marion, maybe she conceived again, maybe she’s still getting over the fact that she had to terminate a pregnancy because of some nature’s mishap…but what I do know on the other hand –– is that thousands of Iraqi mothers are being asked not to get pregnant at all…

The latest I heard and it is unofficial, is that in Basra, doctors are advising women not to get pregnant for the next 25 years. Basra being an enclave of the shiite government, no one dares publicly announce that. It just circulates in secret among the newly wed…

In Falluja on the other hand, it is official –women are publicly advised not to have any babies, no number of years are indicated — it is assumed for a long, long time

The reason for this pregnancy dissuasion stems from the fact that the West who cares so much about its own little infants, had absolutely no qualms into pouring tons of lethal chemicals as in Weapons of Mass Destruction over the people of Basra and Falluja –to name but a few…chemical weapons like depleted uranium and phosphorus which caused cancer rates to soar among children and which produced the most ugly looking monsters — genetically modified by “freedom and democracy”…

The mothers of Falluja and Basra don’t have the luxury of some Marion…and their little Frankensteins are not a product of some odd nature’s mishap.. no. Their little ones have been planned and conceived in Washington DC and 10 Downing Street. Their are the fruit of the West. The West’s labor…and our pangs.

No one will fuss over the Iraqi mothers, nor will they receive the satin gloved support and empathy like Marion did…they will just lie in that delivery room, assuming there is one…and expel one monster after another…made in America and Great Britain.


But you see there is one thing that probably escapes you…these monstrous infants, these deformed babies — not of nature but of your “civilization” — are only a reflection of you own ugliness…in themselves these infants are beautiful…and in yourselves, you are just plain hideous.

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Picture: Iraqi infants from Falluja — courtesy of America and “Great” Britain.

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