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From the CCR – Haiti & The Freedom Flotilla II To Gaza

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Dear The McGlynn

We are writing today about two potentially life-or-death situations in the world today. In Haiti, President “Sweet Mickey” Martelly is illegally kicking thousands of people and families — with plans to evict 100,000 more — out of their camp shelters with nowhere to go. And the Freedom Flotilla II—Stay Human, a humanitarian flotilla that includes a ship from the United States, will set sail for Gaza next week but already faces threats of violence from Israel.

Please take action and spread the word. Thank you for standing with the people of Haiti and Palestine in the struggle for a socially just world.


Annette Warren Dickerson
Director of Education and Outreach

Stop Tent Camp Evictions in Haiti

Camp evictions in Haiti

The situation of forced evictions from Haiti’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps has grown even more critical since President Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly took office this May. Martelly has pledged to close all camps within six months, without providing a realistic, concrete relocation plan for residents. Government officials have already unlawfully closed at least three camps, forcing around 1,000 residents out of provisional shelter without any alternative housing. Martelly has announced to a settlement on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince that they would be evicted in weeks to make room for a factory, and no alternative housing will be provided. The settlement has 100,000 residents.

CCR and our allies have urged the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to renew its call on the Government of Haiti to implement a moratorium on evictions from displacement camps until a comprehensive return and resettlement plan — one that protects the human rights of Haitians displaced from the earthquake — is adopted and implemented.

Please take action: Call the State Department and urge them to 1) condemn the recent forced evictions and 2) promote a new participatory relocation plan that fulfill human rights standards in direct consultation with Haitian camp leaders – particularly women leaders — and grassroots movements.

>>>> Act Now! <<<<

 Protect Next Week’s Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Gaza Freedom Flotilla

En route to Palestine in May last year, a six-boat flotilla carrying more than 700 civilians from almost 40 countries was overtaken by Israeli commandos in international waters. Nine passengers, including one American citizen, 18-year old Furkan Dogan, were killed, and many were wounded, taken to Israel and detained. The flotilla was attempting to deliver humanitarian and rebuilding supplies to Gaza. Next week another flotilla will set sail for Gaza. The Freedom Flotilla II – Stay Human, with hundreds of people from many different countries, will bring humanitarian supplies to the besieged civilian population of Gaza. In doing so, Stay Human will break the blockade (the U.N. has deemed the blockade “collective punishment” being inflicted by Israel). The Israeli Navy has already stated their intention to forcefully divert the flotilla even “[using] force to ‘neutralize’ the ships and attacks if necessary.” On one boat, The Audacity of Hope, U.S. citizens will take letters for the people of Gaza from people in the U.S.

Take action now and tell President Obama to 1) support the U.S. passengers’ solidarity mission to Palestine and 2) publicly call on Israel to desist from attacking or otherwise interfering with The Audacity of Hope and the flotilla to Gaza. Read more….

>>>> Act Now! <<<<

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