08 May

Four generations of my family in 2004

 jv for peace

Four generations of my family in 2004

Picture of my family in 2004

Four generations of my family in 2004 

Dear The McGlynn,

Who taught you to fight for a better world?

I know my answer because I come from a long line of remarkable women.

My grandmother got a PhD in Mathematics in 1938, and managed to balance a career, public service, and being a mother throughout her life. My mom, following my grandmother’s lead, is still actively involved in causes from public education to the ACLU. And my older daughter made me pretty proud when at the age of 7 she wrote an essay for school about what she’d seen with her own eyes when we lived in Israel:

“Palestinians are trapped inside a big wall and they can only be in the inside. They most certainly can’t cross to the other side and go to Israel, but Israelis can go to Palestine whenever they want to. It’s actually not fair.”

At JVP, we’re inspired by the generations of women who came before us, and motivated by the generations who’ll come after us.  L’dor vador – from generation to generation – we’ll stand side by side with every woman, every mother — every person — who fights for peace and justice.

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday. This year I’m going to make a gift to JVP in my mom’s honor.  Will you join me in doing the same in honor of your mother – or any mother who taught you to stand up for what’s right? 

We’ll send her this e-card (so you don’t even have to worry about flowers). 



Mother’s Day isn’t just about my mom, or yours. It’s about every mother, and the remarkable — and too often forgotten — contributions mothers have made to every struggle for peace and justice. This mother’s day, we honor mothers who have, since the beginning of time, stood on the front lines of change– in the US, in Israel, in Palestine, and around the world.

Happy Mother’s Day.


P.S. Stand with every mother in Israel and Palestine fighting for justice. Make a tax-deductible donation to Jewish Voice for Peace in honor of Mother’s Day.

Contact Info:

Jewish Voice for Peace 1611 Telegraph Ave, Suite 1020 Oakland, CA 94612 510.465.1777

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This is so perfect! I and all of my siblings learned to stand up for the oppressed from our Mother. She would not tolerate prejudice against anyone and always found a way to reach out to those who were being harmed, children and adults. Growing up I just took her for granted in this respect. Later I began to understand that she was way ahead of her time, a true liberal, and, above all, a humanistic, caring woman.


Yes!! That’s the way I remember my dear Grandma McGlinn!

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