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Jan. 21, Wednesday Rights Defending Activities


Joint Development Plan of Heixiazi Island by China And Russia

Truth About Jiang Zemin: Part I


The Dwindling Jiang Faction’s Death Throes



Chinese Media: Materials for An Open Trial of Zhou Yongkang Now In Preparation- Video


Chinese Dissendent, Wei Jingsheng (Video)



Wukan: After the Uprising


Special series

After ousting its corrupt leadership, one Chinese village grapples with the challenges of democracy.

China is no stranger to rural uprisings. Tens of thousands of protests erupt across the country each year, many over the illegal sale of communal village land by corrupt local officials. Few demonstrations lead to real change, but in 2011, one community defied the odds.

Wukan, a village in China’s southern Guangdong province, captured the world’s attention when it achieved a rare victory……..


Women Forced Into WWII Brothels Served Necessary Role, Osaka Mayor Says

TOKYO — The mayor of one of Japan’s largest cities, who is seen by some as a possible future prime minister, drew an outcry on Monday after he said women forced into wartime brothels for the Japanese Army during World War II had served a necessary role in providing relief for war-crazed soldiers……….




Masanjia Torture Denial Challenged by a Reporter


Zhu Ruifeng, journalist who revealed corruption in – McClatchy…/zhuruifeng-journalist-who-revealed.htmlCached

6 days ago – After Chinese state media announced last week that a sex video released by online journalist and activist Zhu Ruifeng had led to the ouster of

BEIJING — After Chinese state media announced last week that a sex video released by online journalist and activist Zhu Ruifeng had led to the ouster of 10 officials for corruption, Zhu should have been a shining star of the Chinese Communist Party’s anti-corruption campaign. Instead, the slender man wearing a black suit sounded glum.Powerful interests were searching for his sources, he explained over lunch last Friday. Police detained one contact in the southwestern city of Chongqing, where the scandal had erupted, Zhu said. They traced a second source to Henan province, hundreds of miles away, and had questioned that person at least twice.

People’s Supervision Web Site


China resumes leadership transition talks

Delegates hold meetings on second day of national congress to discuss appointments of party’s central committee.

Last Modified: 09 Nov 2012 07:36 GMT


Shanghai: Birthplace of China’s communists

Jennifer Duggan08 Nov 2012 08:21 GMT

Ninety-one years after Communist Party held its first Congress in Shanghai, secrecy continues to shroud its leadership.


China opens Communist Party congress

Chinese President Hu Jintao urges a clampdown on corruption as ruling party begins leadership transition.

Last Modified: 08 Nov 2012 14:06 GMT


China: Whispers of change

101 East
02 Nov 2012 12:39 GMT

China’s Communist Party is about to confirm a new generation of leaders, but is the party resistant to change?

China: Money, power and politics

As the People’s Republic is about to change its leadership, we ask how financially-rewarding being a politician can be. ( 06-Oct-2012 )


US-China relations in election spotlight

 Ramping up rhetoric appears to be a vote-winner, but may lead to diplomatic problems.

Official promise fails to halt China protests

Residents of eastern Ningbo city still angry despite promise that petrochemical plant expansion will not go ahead.

Last Modified: 29 Oct 2012 09:55 GMT


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