15 Jun

For Neda

The New HBO Documentary


Almost a year ago, the Green Revolution was ignited in Iran when Ahmadinejad and the ruling clerics stole an election from Mir-Hossein Mousavi and his millions of supporters. A young generation, intent upon putting Mousavi in office, took to the streets en masse. Protests broke out across the nation … until the holy men decided they had had enough. Ultimately, bullets put an end to the nascent democratic movement (at least for now), and the brutality of the regime was captured in moving images watched worldwide: they showed us a young woman, Neda, getting indiscriminately gunned down by a sniper, her eyes staring at us as she lay dying in the streets. Above, we’re featuring a newly released HBO documentary that introduces you to Neda Agha-Soltan and her life story. Written and directed by the award winning filmmaker Antony Thomas, the 70 minute film was created with a fair amount of risk, and it includes interviews with Neda’s family in Iran. The Iranian regime, naturally doing its best to stop citizens from seeing the film, plans to release its own documentary, putting the official spin on the murder.

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