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FBIin The Process of Creating a System for Monitoring all Conversations on Social Networking Sites…More

in The Process of Creating a System for Monitoring all Conversations on Social
Networking Sites

D. Heyes, News Report:
In defending its request for the development of
a social media monitoring program, the FBI emphasized its focus on the “publicly
available” information – the same information that is accessible to marketers
and advertisers. To get around that, social media companies like Facebook and
Twitter may be able to exempt themselves from the monitoring by making their
posts private, says Jennifer Lynch, an attorney with the San Francisco-based
Electronic Freedom Foundation.

Constitutional Competition

S. Hirschhorn, Op-Ed:
“Among Americans there remains strong pride about
the U.S. Constitution, even though there is widespread support for creating
reform amendments to it. Globally, however, what should surprise Americans is a
significant loss of respect for it. Other nations, especially those creating new
democracies, see better constitutions elsewhere. This is not opinion. It is
fact. And it is important to understand this historic shift.”

Nichols | Tens of Thousands Rally in Wisconsin for Labor Rights and

Nichols, Op-Ed:
As the state prepares for a recall election that could
remove Walker from the governorship — along with his lieutenant governor and
four Republican state senators — tens of thousands of union activists and their
supporters rallied once more Saturday at the state Capitol in Madison. It was an
epic turnout, estimated by Governor Walker’s Department of Administration at
35,000 and by organizers at closer to 60,000.

Budget Cuts Hurt The Economy

Johnson, Op-Ed:
Governments dance with the ones that brung ’em. Whoever
controls government is naturally going to direct government to benefit them –
and only them. We-the-People democracies do things for We, the People;
plutocracies do things for plutocrats. So when, as now, plutocrats are running
government, you will get a government that only does things that benefit
plutocrats. And when We, the People were running government, we did things that
benefit We, the People — all of us.

Gucciardi | Sneaky: Coca-Cola Removes Known Carcinogen to Avoid Cancer Warning

Gucciardi, News Report:
Diet Coke also contains aspartame, an
artificial sweetener that has been shown to spawn tumors in rats the size of
golf balls. In a study in which rats were given the sugar substitute, 67 percent
of all female rats developed tumors roughly the size of golf balls or larger. In
the 2 and a health year study, researcher Innes-Brown used a dose of aspartame
equivalent to that of 14 cans of diet — a number considered ‘reasonable’ by the
FDA (a 50mg per kilogram ratio).

and the Ninety-Nine Percent

Pitt, Illustration:
Stephen Pitt is NationofChange’s art director.
Stephen is a southern California artist whose work focuses on matters political,
social, and economic. In 2004 Stephen began drawing and painting political
imagery to communicate his sincere displeasure with disturbing changes set in
motion by ideologues acting in bad faith. With a background in figurative
drawing and respect for color, Stephen traded the 6B pencil for a digital stylus
and went to work. Published by the San Francisco Chronicle and Z Magazine,
Stephen’s work has since been seen on Truthout and Firedoglake.

CEO Commits To Reviewing Support For Heartland Institute

Johnson, News Report:
“In response to growing protest, the CEO of
General Motors publicly committed to reviewing his corporation’s funding of the
Heartland Insitute, the radical right-wing organization that is planning a
campaign to spread climate-science denial in public classrooms. Over 10,000 GM
owners have signed a petition organized by Forecast the Facts to get GM to
pledge not to support Heartland’s attacks on science. GM CEO Dan Akerson told
Climate One’s Greg Dalton at a San Francisco Commonwealth Club appearance that
he does not agree with Heartland’s climate denial.

Romney Backer: The Ultra Wealthy Have an ‘Insufficient Influence’ Over

Dorner, News Report:
Griffin went on to say that the ultrawealthy “have
a duty” to step forward and save the U.S. from what he says is a drift toward
Soviet-style state control of the economy: He also complained that this is a
“very sad moment in his lifetime,” citing the now-familiar Republican charge
that the Obama administration has “embraced class warfare.” Griffin is the
founder and CEO of Citadel Asset Management, a Chicago-based hedge fund. In
recent years, has lavished some of his estimated $3 billion net worth on a wide
variety of right-wing groups and Republican candidates.


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