By now any American with any intelligence knows that every time Trump The Dump opens his mouth he’s lying. He lies the way the rest of us draw breath. It’s what keeps him alive.

This fool is damn dangerous. You’ve heard of the sitting president? Trump is the lying president.
We can discuss Trump’s lies until the cows come home. But why is the mainstream media giving zero coverage to a conference of highly recognized psychiatric experts who came together at Yale University to warn the American people and the world about Trump’s dangerous mental illness? Read The McGlynn post at Donald Trump has ‘dangerous mental illness’, say psychiatry experts at Yale conference>>

This fool states there was  no terrorism before 1949? That’s no doubt a comfort to the massacre victims of Rosewood, FL (1929) or all the people the KKK lynched, or all the Native Americans who died on the Trail of Tears. The list could go on for pages but why bother? Neither Twitler nor his minions would even pretend to care.
How about the Wall Street bombing of Sept. 16, 1920?
“The attack was a deadly terrorist incident on U.S. soil rivaling the Oklahoma City bombing 75 years later …” From History.com, “The Mysterious Wall Street Bombing, 95 Years Ago”>>

I could go on and on…

The McGlynn