23 Aug

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Climate camp day of action – live

Climate Camp protest against RBS

 Live Activists from Climate Camp are stationed outside the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Edinburgh HQ for a ‘day of direct action’………………………….


‘Ground Zero mosque’? The reality is less provocative

Millions of Americans are furious about the ‘Ground Zero mosque’. But it doesn’t exist……………………….


Al-Qaida in Yemen: Poverty, corruption and an army of jihadis willing to fight

 Dubbed an ‘urgent security priority’ by the US, Yemen has become a regional hub for al-Qaida. In the first of two special reports, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad meets the group’s new fighters…………………….


UK ‘shaming world’ on Pakistan appeal new

“The UK public are leading the way,” said the head of the Disasters Emergency Committee. “We want the rest of the international community to back that sustained giving.”


Outrage in Pakistan over lynch mob

A video showing two teenage brothers being beaten to death has caused outrage in Pakistan after it was broadcast on television networks.Pakistan’s Geo News aired the footage, reporting that it showed the two young men being beaten with sticks before their bodies were dragged and hanged from a nearby metal pole.None of the dozens of people watching tried to stop the attack, not even several police, the report said.The killings occurred on August 15 in Sialkot, a town in eastern Punjab province.Ten people have been arrested in relation to the lynch mob. Four of those under arrest are police officers.Al Jazeera’s Rosie Garthwaite has the story. Some of the images in this report are very disturbing.



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