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New Year celebrations begin

Countries enthusiastically ring in the New Year with fireworks planned across the globe.
Last Modified: 31 Dec 2012 15:33 GMT


Hillary Clinton hospitalised with blood clot

US Secretary of State is being assessed by New York doctors after suffering concussion during fall earlier in December.
Last Modified: 31 Dec 2012 01:52 GMT


Inside Story Americas

From climate change to the violation of civil liberties, we look at some of the under-reported stories of 2012.

World news in 2013: the stories to watch for

Energy company staff working at climate ministry

Employees from firms including British Gas and npower being paid to work at Department of Energy, documents reveal

Pope Benedict XVI sends his first tweet

The disgrace of papal blessing for Ugandan homophobia

Jill Filipovic (updated)

Jill Filipovic: Pope Benedict XVI joined Twitter to keep Catholicism 21st-century, but why not modernise dogma?
Pope Benedict XVI sending his first tweet. The Vatican has also hired a former Fox News executive to overhaul its communications. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Pope Benedict XVI joined Twitter in an effort to galvanize the faithful and modernize the Catholic Church for a younger, increasingly secular generation, making him the last person after your grandpa to join the social networking site. The Vatican also hired a former Fox News correspondent to bring their communications strategy into the 21st century, since that network did such an impressive job during the 2012 US presidential election.

The Catholic Church is foundering, and it’ll take a lot more than 140 characters and a rightwing “news” hack to put it on a modern track.

The pope is a social issues guy, more interested in themes like “traditional” family values, gay marriage and abortion than, say, helping the poor. And the Vatican is quick to slap down anyone – but especially any women, and particularly women who have the nerve to think of themselves as equal to men – who focuses on helping the most in need, instead of crusading against abortion and gay people. As far as the Church is concerned, advocating for the equal participation of women is “radical feminism” worthy of condemnation; pushing for legislation that kills gay people is worthy of a blessing.

Yes, that’s correct: just around the same time the pope was drafting his first tweet, he met with Ugandan parliamentary speaker Rebecca Kadaga, who had earlier promised to level the death penalty for gays as a “Christmas present” to the Ugandan people (minus, one assumes, the Ugandans who will be murdered because of their sexual orientation). She received a private audience with the pope, and a blessing……..

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