17 Nov

Events of Interest and Analyses, A Foreign Perspective

Peace will be a consequence of truth. Maria Montessori said: “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.” Let us hope this is a turning point, and a way towards Palestinian freedom.

Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish




Israel continues deadly Gaza air raids

Eight Palestinians killed as Israeli fighter jets hit Hamas government compounds, tunnels and power transformers.
Last Modified: 17 Nov 2012 19:41 GMT

Arab leaders to back Gaza against aggression

Hamas chief meets Egyptian president, Qatari emir and Turkish PM as Arab League foreign ministers draft document.
Last Modified: 17 Nov 2012 17:24 GMT

Middle East

Aleppo ambulance volunteers take the strain

 Civilian organisation sets up a new service to ferry wounded and provide aid in Syria’s largest city.
Gaza air strike

Israel calls up reservists as Gaza braces for invasion

  White House calls for diplomacy after air strikes destroy Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s headquarters

Mitt Romney concedes in Boston

Romney has no natural base in the Republican party and has no elected position to use as a platform. Photograph: Stephan Savoia/AP

Top Republicans desert Romney

Influential figures dissociate themselves from claim Obama won voters over by giving them ‘a lot of stuff’


An Israeli policeman pulls a rocket launched from Gaza out of the ground in Netivot

I lost my daughters in Gaza last time. Surely the bloodshed has to end

Izzeldin Abuelaish: Huge courage is needed now to heal historic wounds and cease the killing, abandoning all justifications for war

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