16 Oct

Chad Food crisis

Zeneba Louki (67) left, with Etta Brahim (36) outside her home with her children (L-R), Saleh Mahamad(7), Moussa Mahamed(5), Mohamed Ali (2) and Fatima Moussa (2). Her elder sister Ashta hamid is in red.
A week's worth of food for the whole family in the white bag.

7/2/12. Andrabad village, Northern Chad.

"The truth is we don't have the right to say that someone has died because of hunger. We cover this and say they died because they were sick but really it's the lack of food that is killing us."
Ashta Hamid, Etta's older sister

"If we don’t have cereals, we can ask our neighbours if they can lend us some. But if we don’t have any, the neighbour probably won’t have any either." Etta Brahim Senussi

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