03 Aug

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Syria rebels ‘strengthen hold’ on Aleppo

Free Syrian Army claims control of roughly half of country’s largest city amid fears of major battle with regime forces.
Last Modified: 03 Aug 2012 14:19 GMT

Middle East

UK parents found guilty of honour killing

British court convicts parents for suffocating daughter they thought was trying to live ‘westernised lifestyle’.
Last Modified: 03 Aug 2012 15:33 GMT


Syria files reveal regime espionage

Anita McNaught02 Aug 2012 15:15 GMT
Secret files recovered in a security station in al-Bab illustrate the regime’s deep-seated culture of spying.

Novelist  Grossman challenges Israel’s silence over Iran strike

Donald Macintyre: The celebrated Israeli writer criticised politicians and public over their failure to oppose a unilateral strike on

Tim Pawlenty announces candidacy for US presidency

Pawlenty faces tax return scrutiny as VP choice nears

As governor, Pawlenty had to correct disclosure forms after questionable telecom payments revealed

Indian coal mining a threat to tigers, Greenpeace warns

Indian tiger

Activists demand suspension of clearances for new mines, days after blackout highlighted vulnerability of power supplies

Drought worsens in midwest and threatens next year’s corn crop

Corn-damaged field in Iowa

Obama administration under growing pressure to end support for corn ethanol as gas and food prices continue to rise

Hong Kong suffers worst air pollution in two years

toxic smog and air pollution in Hong Kong

Elderly and sick warned to stay indoors after ‘very high’ pollution readings in business and shopping districts

 Countries opposed to EU carbon charge for airlines fail to find an alternative

American Airlines

US-led group reaffirms ambition to implement previous commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions through voluntary caps

Mitt Romney confirms he would end US wind power subsidies

Mitt Romney and wind subsidies
BusinessGreen: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama draw up battle lines over US wind farm tax credits

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