28 May

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Blair says he courted media to avert ‘risk’

Former UK PM tells inquiry into media practices that he feared he would not get his message across without media allies.
Last Modified: 28 May 2012 14:40 GMT

Bahrain activist Rajab released on bail

Nabeel Rajab, still faces travel ban and criminal charges for “inciting” protests and “defaming” security forces.
Last Modified: 28 May 2012 13:41 GMT

In Depth

Did Egyptians vote against their revolution?

Jamal Elshayyal27 May 2012 21:12 GMT
Given the tumultuous fervour of the past year, the support shown to an ally of the former president has surprised many.

bradley manning wikileaks

Military’s delay in searching through files and handing them over is denying Manning a fair trial, defence attorney argues


The real reason for the firing of the New York Times chief executive

‘Imperious’ Janet Robinson Photo: Linda Nylind for The Guardian

The Guardian reported in December that the New York Times’s chief executive, Janet Robinson, was to step down.

There were no clues as to why she was going. But, if a New York magazine article is to be believed, it appears that the story behind her departure is very interesting indeed.

According to the writer, Joe Hagan, it involves a mixture of corporate strife, internal family rivalry and a personality clash between Robinson and the girlfriend of the paper’s publisher Arthur Sulzberger Junior, Claudia Gonzalez……………………………………………………..

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