05 May

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9/11 defendants in court at Guantanamo

Five men, including alleged mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, appear before military judge at US base in Cuba.
Last Modified: 05 May 2012 16:24 GMT


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Profiles: 9/11 defendants

Egypt’s military order overnight curfew

Hundreds, including journalists, held after deadly clashes between security forces and protesters near defence ministry.
Last Modified: 05 May 2012 16:14 GMT

Middle East

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nuclear sites risk of flooding and coastal erosion : Sizewell nuclear power plant Southwold Suffolk

Sizewell nuclear power plant, seen from across the sea at Southwold, Suffolk. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian

The eye-watering expense of nuclear power

The coalition wants us to depend more and more on nuclear power, but quite simply, it is too expensive to be able to deliver

Just for a moment, forget whether you’re pro-nuclear or anti-nuclear, and reflect on the coalition government’s policy for nuclear power.

It wants to see 10 new reactors built over the next few years. It sees this as a critical part of its carbon management strategy, and absolutely necessary to help “keep the lights on”. It believes it will strengthen the UK’s energy security at a time when North Sea oil and gas continues to decline. It is working closely with a wide range of energy companies to help deliver the 10 new reactors. That’s the plan. Some think it’s great; some don’t much like it, but see it as a necessary part of addressing accelerating climate change; some think it is seriously misguided………………………………………..

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