04 Apr

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Afghanistan and US ‘close to night raid deal’

Agreement would give lead role to Afghan forces, as raid footage shows innocent family looking shocked and frightened.
Last Modified: 04 Apr 2012 13:54 GMT


Israeli police evict illegal Hebron settlers

Group of settlers ejected from disputed house in West Bank city, after taking it over from Palestinian owners.

Last Modified: 04 Apr 2012 14:53 GMT

French right focuses on ‘radical’ Muslims

Yasmine Ryan 04 Apr 2012 13:28 GMTLe Pen and Sarkozy are using the tragedy on the campaign trail and taking the shootings out of context, critics say.

How did America become land of the high school massacre?

As yet another student opens fire on his former classmates, Jeremy Laurance asks if such atrocities share an underlying cause.


Mitt Romney leaves the podium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after his victory speech. Photograph: Jeffrey Phelps/EPA

Mitt Romney, the GOP’s brother from another planet

Ana Marie Cox

Ana Marie Cox: Romney has put the Republican nomination beyond doubt, but now he faces a far greater challenge: his own authenticity deficit

The race for the Republican nomination for president has been one of the most theatrical in modern times – so many characters! Costume changes! Plot twists! – but last night’s results wrung from it every last bit of drama there might be. From here on out, it’s comedy.There’s Rick Santorum‘s slapstick (tripping over reporters, sometimes facts: elderly fleeing the killer Dutch government!) and Newt Gingrich‘s lively improvisation (he’s very much making up his campaign as he goes along).And then, there’s Mitt Romney. I guess we can call him deadpan. How else to interpret his utterly unself-conscious assertion that the problem with Obama is that he’s “surrounded by an adoring staff … it’s enough to make you think you might become a little out of touch.” At least, Obama’s adoring staff kept him from putting ten grand on the NCAA final four, and we still don’t know how many Cadillacs Michelle drives………………………………..

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