20 Feb

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Canadians complain about US ‘hum’

Residents in border town complain about low frequency pulsing coming from industrial area across Detroit river.

Red Cross tries to broker ceasefire in Syria

Agency negotiating with authorities and opposition to halt violence in order to deliver humanitarian aid.
Last Modified: 20 Feb 2012 17:50 GMT

Middle East

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Iran set for talks with IAEA team

Two-day talks in Tehran come as Iran announces halt to oil supplies to France and Britain over nuclear standoff.
Last Modified: 20 Feb 2012 10:23 GMT

Never mind the economy, stupid: this election is all about sex

By obsessing about birth control, abortion and homosexuality, the GOP has turned its back on mainstream America

Nancy Cohen, Monday 20 February 2012 11.47 EST

Religious figures testify on Capitol Hill on new rules on employee insurance and contraception

Religious figures testify on Capitol Hill on the Obama administration’s new rules relating to employee insurance and contraception. Photograph: Benjamin J. Myers/Corbis

Last week the travelling circus of the Republican presidential race went all Vegas. Bigger stage! Brighter lights! Death-defying stunts! In one ring, celibate men gave Congress expert instruction on the ins-and-outs of birth control. One up-and-coming star of the small-government, freedom-loving party vetoed gay marriage, while another mandated government inspection of women’s uterii. And in the center ring, Rick Santorum, who thinks that birth control and women in combat are not ok, won over the crowd with harrowing visions of guillotines and Sodom and Gommorah on the frontlines…………..

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