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Syrian troops ‘open fire’ on Damascus funeral

Activists say several people injured as thousands turn out for funeral of slain protesters in capital’s Mazzeh area.

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Middle East

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Attacking the unions

 Inside Story US 201218 Feb 2012 09:07 GMT
Mitt Romney goes on the offensive as the Republican nomination race returns to America’s industrial heartland.

The inside story on climate scientists under siege

Michael Mann reveals his account of attacks by entrenched interests seeking to undermine his ‘hockey stick’ graph

Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent

Interactive: Everything you need to know about climate change
How US attack machine undermines climate science

Expanding desert in China?s Gansu province

Expanding desert in China’s Gansu province. Michael Mann in his new book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, describes the campaign by the fossil fuel industry against his science. Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP

It is almost possible to dismiss Michael Mann’s account of a vast conspiracy by the fossil fuel industry to harrass scientists and befuddle the public. His story of that campaign, and his own journey from naive computer geek to battle-hardened climate ninja, seems overwrought, maybe even paranoid.

But now comes the unauthorised release of documents showing how a libertarian thinktank, the Heartland Institute, which has in the past been supported by Exxon, spent millions on lavish conferences attacking scientists and concocting projects to counter science teaching for kindergarteners.

Mann’s story of what he calls the climate wars, the fight by powerful entrenched interests to undermine and twist the science meant to guide government policy, starts to seem pretty much on the money. He’s telling it in a book out on 6 March, The hockey stick and the climate wars: Dispatches from the front lines…………………………………….

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