24 Jul

Events of Interest and Analyses, A Foreign Perspective

Taliban capture two Nato soldiers

US reportedly offers $20,000 reward following capture in Logar province.

Beyond apartheid

For Israel, apartheid is a tool not an aim in itself, Lamis Andoni says.



Marwan Bishara and guests analyse global powers and their agendas.


Children in Fallujah who suffer from birth defects which are thought to be linked to weapons used in attacks on the city by US Marines

Toxic legacy of US assault ‘worse than Hiroshima’

Patrick Cockburn: Shocking rates of infant mortality and cancer in Fallujah raise questions about battle.



Respected even by his opponents: Corvalan in January

Luis Corvalan: Communist who helped Allende become Chile’s president and was later exchanged for the Soviet dissident Bukovsky

The leader of Chile’s Communist Party for more than three decades, Luis Corvalan was a driving force behind the election of the socialist president Salvador Allende in 1970.


Alarm system on Gulf oil rig ‘had been switched off’

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Early warning systems on the Deepwater Horizon rig had been switched off, a federal investigation has been told.


Shirley Sherrod, who was at the heart of a race row that involved right-wing bloggers, the White House and the NAACP

Shirley Sherrod: Proof that a week is a long time in politics

Friday, 23 July 2010

Rupert Cornwell: On Monday Shirley Sherrod was called racist and forced to resign. Now the White House is begging her to return


Oil rig alarms were turned off ‘to help workers sleep’

Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig burning Safety mechanisms on Deepwater Horizon oil rig were disabled, chief technician at Transocean reveals

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