02 Dec

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Merkel calls for tighter euro fiscal union

German chancellor rejects quick-fix ideas to solve eurozone debt crisis, saying stricter regulations are needed.
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Lebanon’s intelligence war

Nour Samaha 02 Dec 2011 11:21 GMT
With reports of the CIA shutting down in Beirut, Al Jazeera explores the extent of intelligence infiltration in Lebanon.

When they massed to call for the fall of Mubarak, Egypt’s protesters were
filled with hope. Now they are disillusioned with the army they trusted – but
just as angry as ever

You can get almost anything you want in Tahrir Square these days.
Corn-on-the-cob, tea, coffee, suitcases, a cheap holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh,
feta cheese, firecrackers, garbage, eggs, empty tear-gas cartridges and lots and
lots of arguments and heaps of banners extolling the courage of martyrs and the
evils of policemen. There are still a few thousand there every day – today, the
revolutionaries are calling for another million – but the many more millions who
queued to vote on Monday and Tuesday have put Tahrir Square’s integrity in
doubt. Who represents Egypt now?…………………………………

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