23 Oct

Events of Interest and Analyses, A Foreign Perspective



 Powerful earthquake hits eastern Turkey

Hundreds feared dead and dozens of people injured as quake strikes northeast of the city of Van.

Last Modified: 23 Oct 2011 15:22 GMT

The haves and the have nots

Counting the Cost 22 Oct 2011 11:04 GMT
  We examine the Occupy Wall Street movement and ask what has happened to the American middle class.


Barely a building remains undamaged in Sirte

 Gaddafi’s dream capital for Africa pulverised into a ruin

David Randall: The price of liberation is plain to see on every street in the late dictator’s home town of Sirte. The place intended be the showplace of a continent is destroyed.


Occupy London: The sparks of resistance, Notebook

Occupy London: The sparks of resistance

It often feels like you can’t walk a single street of London without seeing the depressing effects of economic crisis.

By Neil Roberts


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