09 Oct

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Syria warns against recognising opposition

Foreign minister vows to take “tough measures” against any state that recognises newly-formed National Council.

Last Modified: 09 Oct 2011 12:55 GMT

Bahrain: Dying to live

Reporter in Bahrain 09 Oct 2011 14:33 GMT
Thousands mourn the killing of a teenager on Friday amid growing outrage over continued government crackdown.

Capitalism’s heart occupied – where will it all lead?

 Rupert Cornwell: Anti-corporate demonstrations in New York have struck a chord. Could they be the Democrat version of the Tea Party?

Virus infects Nevada drone HQ

A Predator drone spyplane-bomber

‘Keylogger’ disrupts computers at Creech air force base in Nevada where planes are piloted remotely in Afghanistan

Graves desecrated in Israeli city

Jaffa, south of central Tel Aviv, where graves were desecrated on Yom Kippur.

Militant Jewish settlers smash tombs on Yom Kippur and fire bomb is thrown

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