24 Sep

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Libya fighters push into Gaddafi bastion

Supported by tanks, heavy artillery and NATO bombing
runs, NTC forces have reached the centre of Sirte.

Last Modified: 24 Sep 2011 14:20 GMT


On Israel and Palestine, Obama is Rick Perry

Obama has been more pro-Israel than any US president
before him, including George W Bush – but what will it get him?

Last Modified: 24 Sep 2011 15:17 GMT


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Palestinians have a right to return home

A thorough examination of the legal rights of all
those displaced by the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.
Mark LeVine Last Modified: 23 Sep 2011 14:45 GMT
Palestinians in Ramallah watch Mahmoud Abbas making his UN speech

tells the world: it is time for Palestinian people to gain their

Defiant challenge to Washington as US diplomats battle to block


Palestine: No more time-wasting negotiations

Those who urge the Palestinians to return to talks with Israel are in fact seeking to evade justice
Forget our solemn promises nearly a century ago to give the Arabs independence in return for their help in World War I. Forget our pledge in 1922, when accepting the mandate from the League of Nations, to prepare the Palestinians for independence.

Barak Ravid / Israel’s political tsunami has arrived

Reactions to Abbas and Netanyahu’s addresses to the UN are clear illustrations of Abbas’ ascent to political rock star status and Netanyahu’s increasing international isolation.

Before you expel the Bedouin…

Despite the government’s approval of the Prawer proposals, the Bedouin will not relinquish their claim to their historical Mansour Nsasra

Pax Americana is over

Unlike Great Britain in 1947, the United States cannot pass the Middle East torch to a friendly global power willing to assume its responsibilities.

by Leon Hadar

What makes Erdogan tick?

The leader who was not long ago a champion of regional stability has suddenly turned into its biggest threat.

by Shaul Kimhi and Ely Karmon

The UN as a venue of opportunity

A step-by-step on how the Israeli government can turn the Palestinian UN initiative into a vehicle for peace.

by Jerome M. Segal

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