19 Sep

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Death toll soars in Yemen violence

More than 50 people killed in two days as security
forces fire upon anti-government protesters.

Last Modified: 19 Sep 2011 16:08 GMT

the UN bid for Palestinian statehood

Roxanne Horesh
19 Sep 2011 15:32 GMT
Experts discuss what may happen with the Palestinian
bid for UN statehood and what it means for all concerned.

Middle East

Anti-government protesters throw rocks at police   during clashes in Sanaa

killed in two days in Yemen  new

Today’s fighting marked the most serious outbreak of violence in months.


ice at 2nd lowest level since 1979: US report

The frozen Arctic has shrunk to its second lowest level since satellites
began measuring it in 1979, capping a decade of “rapidly decreasing summer sea
ice,” US scientists said Friday.

change threatens California beaches: study


Global warming could cost California beach communities hundreds of million
dollars due to lost tourism and other income earned on the famously
surfer-friendly coastline, a new study said.

Studies by Michael McCarthy: Saving the Pole – not such a strange idea


A week ago today I experienced a peculiar pang when John Sauven, the leader
of Greenpeace in Britain, told me his group wanted to save the North Pole.







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