24 Jun

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US outcry over unborn baby deaths

Fetus US criminals

Women’s rights campaigners see the creeping criminalisation of pregnant women as a new front in the culture wars over abortion


Afghanistan: America’s top commander says US troop withdrawals are risky

Admiral Mike Mullen says withdrawal of 23,000 troops by next summer was bigger than he had been prepared to back


Demonstration in Tahrir Square

Egyptian left threaten ‘million-strong’ protest to stop Islamists winning power

Liberals say post-Mubarak transition proposal favours Muslim Brotherhood – but religious groups reject ‘constitution-first’ plan

Alsharifa Lana Engawi drives around the Al-Shatea roundabout in Jeddah on Friday. (AN Photo)

Jeddah woman driver accelerates campaign

JEDDAH: The Women2Drive campaign continued down a rocky road with some sustaining the campaign a week after it was launched with sporadic efforts on Friday. Meanwhile a dawa (Islamic propagation) group, in Riyadh made clear its belief that women driving cars is against Islamic principles.


US drawdown raises concern 

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama bet on continued progress in Afghanistan during his speech Wednesday night when he announced that all 33,000 surge troops would be withdrawn by summer 2012 — right in the middle of next year’s US election season and Afghanistan’s fighting season. The first 10,000 US troops are coming home at the end of this year.


NATO chief tries to repair cracks over Libya mission

TRIPOLI: NATO’s chief on Thursday slapped down a call from Italy for a suspension of hostilities in Libya and tried to reassure wavering members of the Western coalition that Muammar Qaddafi can be beaten. Italy’s cease-fire call exposed the strain on the NATO alliance, nearly 14 weeks into a bombing campaign that has so far failed to dislodge Qaddafi but is causing mounting concerns about its cost and about civilian casualties.

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