31 May

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The mutilation and death in custody of a 13-year-old child has sparked further furious protests in Syrian city of Daraa.



‘Climate on the brink’


By Teymoor Nabili in on Tue, 05/31/2011 – 11:07.

According to The Guardian, a record amount of carbon dioxide poured into the atmosphere last year, meaning hopes of limiting global temperature increases are becoming ever more futile. The paper quotes International Energy Agency Chief Fatih Birol:”I am very worried. This is the worst news on emissions. […] The prospect is getting bleaker. That is what the numbers say.”Meanwhile,  Austrailia’s opposition leader (among many others) continues to blame the messenger, and all the while the words penned by Marvin Gaye back in 1971 are looking ever more prophetic:

There’ll come a time,
when the world won’t be singin’
Flowers won’t grow,
bells won’t be ringin’.
Who really cares?
Who’s willing to try,
to save a world
That’s destined to die?


In Depth

Syrians running out of refuge in Lebanon

Mona Alami 30 May 2011 09:13 GMT

Around 5,000 refugees have fled across the border in desperate need of humanitarian aid, overwhelming Lebanese villages.


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