14 Apr

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Rebels warn of ‘massacre’ in Misurata

Artillery barrage kills at least 23 in besieged Libyan port city, rebels claim, and prevents Qatari ship from docking.

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Israeli town rallies against African refugees

Mya Guarnieri 13 Apr 2011 14:59 GMT
Eilat is home to thousands of refugees and their lives in the small town are often marred by open hostility.

Protests continue across Syria

Anti-government discontent spreads to new towns, as challenge to president Assad’s regime grows.


Richard Goldstone

Gaza report team turn on Goldstone

Exclusive: Co-authors say calls to recant UN report’s findings disregard rights of Palestinian and Israeli victims 


Goldman Sachs accused of fooling clients in scathing Senate report

Goldman Sachs accused of selling mortgage-linked derivatives at inflated prices and trying to cause ‘maximum pain’ to investors


Battle on: Confederate re-enactors mark the outbreak of Civil War this week

The disunion forever

The US Civil War began 150 years ago this week and it’s a conflict which still divides America.

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