12 Apr

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Japan raises nuclear alert to highest level  

Nuclear watchdog raises severity of Fukushima crisis to maximum level but plays down comparisons to Chernobyl disaster.  

Last Modified: 12 Apr 2011 09:10 GMT  


Bahraini woman on hunger strike over arrests

Daughter of prominent rights activist says she will refuse food until jailed family members are released.
Last Modified: 12 Apr 2011 13:22 GMT


Pakistan ‘asks US to cut CIA’s role’

CIA weighs greater co-ordination and information sharing with ISI while Pakistan demands fewer American operatives.
Last Modified: 12 Apr 2011 06:40 GMT


Descendants of war veterans say Nicodemus is a testament to what has been achieved.

This week marks 150 years to the day when first shots were fired in the US Civil War.Al Jazeera has a series of special reports to mark the anniversary, starting with a visit to a piece of living history, the town of Nicodemus in the state of Kansas.  

It is the first and only remaining pioneer town built by and for black settlers.  

Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett reports from Nicodemus.  



New television channel for a “free Libya”

While rebel fighters and forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi battle for control of key coastal towns, some Libyans have found another way of getting their opinions heard. A new satellite television channel was launched in the Gulf state of Qatar on Saturday. Simply called Libya, it is a mix of news and talk shows covering developments in the North African country, with funding from abroad. Al Jazeera’s Nazanin Sadri reports from the capital, Doha.


Fukushima Disaster: 

Japan nuclear crisis at Chernobyl level new

Japan has raised the severity level of the crisis at its crippled nuclear plant to rank it on par with Chernobyl.  


Middle East

 Crime against humanity at Camp Ashraf   new

Last week Iraqi forces entered a camp in Iraq housing members of the Iranian opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI).  


 Gaddafi’s forces continue their savage assault on besieged city

The last rebel stronghold in the west of the country is a symbol of defiance. Kim Sengupta reports from Misrata 


Bradley Manning case sparks UN criticism of US government

11 Apr 2011: UN torture representative suggests White House stalling his private meeting with American soldier

Fred Karger: The former Republican governor released a criminal who went on to kill four cops. He never apologised – nor for anti-gay slurs  


US unions protest 2011  

John Logan: The Wisconsin battle has put unions in the spotlight, but it’ll be a brief reprieve unless they can win over private sector workers  


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