09 Apr

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Taliban takes over abandoned US base

Exclusive report on fighters reclaiming valley in Afghanistan after US troops withdrew.


Clashes erupt around Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Protesters retake iconic square, hours after security forces moved in to break up crowd demanding Mubarak’s trial.

Last Modified: 09 Apr 2011 10:15 GMT



Sadr calls for an end to ‘US occupation’

Shia cleric threatens to relaunch armed resistance unless the US withdraws from Iraq by year-end.

Last Modified: 09 Apr 2011 10:22 GMT


Syrian security forces ‘fire on funeral’

Fresh violence is said to have erupted as residents in Daraa bury those killed in Friday’s protests.
Last Modified: 09 Apr 2011 14:56 GMT


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A Wapping payout!

Mea culpa that reaches right to the top

Ian Burrell: The acceptance of liability on a grand scale has implications which stretch across the Atlantic to the heart of News Corporation.


Inside World


Right-wing ideologues blamed as US risks government shutdown

The last fraught hours of budget negotiations between party leaders in Washington to avert a partial shutdown of the US federal government were being hijacked yesterday at the last minute by Republican demands for new restrictions on legal abortions for women, Democrats claimed.



Mobsters on a mission: How Japan’s mafia launched an aid effort

Just hours after the worst earthquake in a generation plunged Japan into crisis, the nation’s mafia sprang into action. So began the yakuza relief effort


Middle East

Yemen pulls envoy from Qatar over Gulf plan

At least five people were killed amid violence after the Yemeni President rejected a plan to step down.



Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo regains ground

UN says Gbagbo’s forces used a lull in fighting for Tuesday’s peace talks as a ruse to reinforce their positions.


Planned Parenthood budget battle government shutdown

Why fiscal conservatives care about Planned Parenthood

The shutdown was never just about budget cuts: the Republican base bears a grudge about who ‘deserves’ government spending

It is and always has been about excluding from the social contract poorer people, unmarried women, gays, liberals, pointy-headed intellectuals and, especially, people of colour, and keeping all government spending aimed at white, conservative Christians – the richer, the better.


New Europe

Central Warsaw

New Europe: what we’ve learned

From welfare to immigration to the arts, we round up what we – and you – have made of New Europe 

Europe is still a mystery to many of us


Female police officers throw their caps into the air

Poles apart after fall of communism

Workplace inequalities have proliferated the since iron curtain came down but Polish women prefer today’s freedoms to the restrictions of the past 

Debunking stereotypes: Polish women are beautiful

Solidarity demonstration at Gdansk Shipyard in 1988

Gdansk gets new wind in its sails

As the container ships leave, this symbolic home of the Solidarity movement is branching out into new ventures 

Upper Silesia flags up autonomy call

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