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Live Blog – Libya March 3

As the uprising in Libya continues, we update you with the latest developments from our correspondents, news agencies and citizens across the globe.

Last Modified: 03 Mar 2011 09:13 GMT


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Gaddafi accepts Chavez offer

Libyan rebels fend off air assault

The battle for Brega

Gaddafi’s military capabilities

Investigating Gaddafi

Libya refugee crisis worsens


Libyan cities under renewed attack

Pro-Gaddafi forces launch fresh assualts on Ajdabiya and Brega after being repelled by rebels a day earlier.

Last Modified: 03 Mar 2011 15:26 GMT

Live Blog – Libya March 3

Investigating Gaddafi

The battle for Brega

Gaddafi’s military capabilities

Debating the no-fly zone

Evidence of torture emerges


Rape: A weapon of war

Riz Khan 02 Mar 2011 11:09 GMT

Activist Eve Ensler explains her latest project to empower the numerous victims of sexual violence in the DR Congo.


Christians vent their anger over the politician's assassination

Killing over blasphemy law deepens misery of Christians

Omar Waraich: Outspoken politician is the second assassinated in Pakistan since January.


Middle East

Contractor gets life sentence in Iraq

The family of Danny Fitzsimons said yesterday they feared he would kill himself after the security contractor was given a life sentence by an Iraqi court.


Libya Gallery: The family members of anti-government tribal revolutionary rebels

Libya unrest continues – in pictures

Mourning on the streets of Libya as the funerals of the anti-government rebels who were killed in Brega on Wednesday take place


Libyan victim of the uprising

ICC chief prosecutor decides there is sufficient evidence to open investigation into alleged crimes against humanity

Richard Adams: Mother Jones magazine details a lucrative US lobbying effort for Gaddafi’s Libya that lured in western intellectuals

Mother Jones has a more detailed look on the lucrative lobbying efforts by a Boston-based consulting firm called Monitor Group on behalf of Muammar Gaddafi‘s Libya.

The reporting is based upon a copy of an internal summary of the operation from Monitor – entitled “Project to Enhance the Profile of Libya and Muammar Qadhafi” (there’s a pdf of the memo here) – which outlines its strategy:

The project is a sustained, long term program to enhance international understanding and appreciation of Libya and the contribution it has made and may continue to make to its region and to the world. It will emphasize the emergence of the new Libya and its ongoing process of change.


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