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Chaos at Libyan-Tunisian border

Border guards struggling to control crowds as the UN says 140,000 people have fled the revolt aimed at toppling Gaddafi.

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Live Blog – Libya March 1

African migrants targeted

Lack of access worries UN

The day the Katiba fell

Gaddafi’s friend turns foe


Top powers split over Libya options

Russia and France caution against moves to use the military option against Gaddafi.

Last Modified: 01 Mar 2011 19:32 GMT

Are sanctions enough?

Battles rage in Libya

Libya’s growing resistance

African migrants flee Libya


Clashes as Iran protests continue

Witnesses report security forces using teargas against demonstrators gathered in central Tehran.
Last Modified: 01 Mar 2011 17:08 GMT

We saw the Arab revolutions coming

Wadah Khanfar 01 Mar 2011 08:44 GMT
Al Jazeera’s director general asks why, when Al Jazeera saw the uprisings coming, the West did not.


A rebel shouts while holding a gun during a funeral  in Benghazi

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Rebel-held city near Tripoli celebrates battle win

Zawiya residents managed to repel an overnight attack by pro-Gaddafi forces.


Bags apparently containing the bodies of soldiers killed by Gaddafi loyalists after defecting

Bags apparently containing the bodies of soldiers killed by Gaddafi loyalists after defecting

Fate of soldiers who refused to fire on their own people

Brutal picture of the start of Libya’s uprising emerges. By Kim Sengupta and Catrina Stewart



An Egyptian woman flees Libya across the border into Tunisia yesterday

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Misery at the border as Gaddafi’s guests flee

Robert Fisk: Libya’s migrant workers have become a pitiful human tide.


 Crowds at Tunisian border

   Libyan refugee and food crisis looms, agencies warn

“7.15pm: The UNHCR has posted on youtube what it describes as the latest footage from the border between Libya and Tunisia where tens of thousands of…”
– all the latest on the Libya unrest


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