09 Feb

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Labour unions boost Egypt protests

Thousands of factory workers stay away from work as pro-democracy protesters continue to rally seeking Mubarak’s ouster.
Last Modified: 09 Feb 2011 14:38 GMT

Live blog Feb 9 – Egypt protests


Who’s afraid of the Muslim Brothers

Mohammed Khan 09 Feb 2011 08:10 GMT
Western fears of ‘Islamism’ have been aided by Arab autocrats seeking to prolong their iron-fisted rule.

New allies for Israel?

Riz Khan 08 Feb 2011 11:40 GMT
As the uprising in Egypt threatens to disrupt political alliances, we look at the implications for the peace process.



With every passing hour, the regime digs in deeper

Robert Fisk sees Cairo’s protesters rally again in Tahrir Square on week 3, day 16 of the Egyptian uprising.


A new life for Peru’s American enemy

After 15 years in jail on terrorism charges, Lori Berenson tells Simeon Tegel how she and her baby son will pick up the pieces.


Hidden Faces: Women and Girls in Afghanistan   new

A new photography exhibition, promoting women’s rights in Afghanistan, opens next week at the House of Commons.


Protesters ignore Suleiman warning

Last updated six minutes ago

 Live Demonstration outside parliament continues despite Egypt vice-president warning of a coup 183 comments

Egypt protests enter their 16th day – in pictures  


Saudi oil reserves ‘overstated by 40%’

US diplomat convinced Arab reserves may be 300bn barrels smaller than estimated, WikiLeaks cables reveal


US air force backtracks over WikiLeaks ban

 Warning to families of military staff not to read leaked US state department cables was not sanctioned

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