08 Feb

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Shocking ‘Egypt images’ emerge  

New video footage shows violent confrontations between protesters and government supporters.Last Modified: 07 Feb 2011 19:32 GMT

Traversing a tense Cairo Ayman Mohyeldin on his detention

Protests continue in Tahrir Square

Egypt’s elite fears instability


Protests swell at Tahrir Square

Tens of thousands pour into central Cairo seeking president Mubarak’s ouster, despite a slew of government concessions.
Last Modified: 08 Feb 2011 15:27 GMT

The different shades of Tahrir

Even after two weeks, central Cairo’s Tahrir Square remains the heartbeat of the pro-democracy movement.
Last Modified: 08 Feb 2011 13:11 GMT

Live blog Feb 8 – Egypt protests

From our Doha headquarters, we keep you constantly updated on Egypt, with reporting from Al Jazeera staff.
Last Modified: 08 Feb 2011 15:35 GMT

How did Egypt become so corrupt?

Inside Story 08 Feb 2011 15:12 GMT
A picture is emerging of a state where wealth fuels political power and political power buys wealth.


Assange case’ hidden agenda’ fears new

Lawyer representing WikiLeaks founder said his client faces one of the “weakest” cases he has ever seen.


Aung San Suu Kyi and her party have long supported sanctions as a tool in trying to lever the junta to improve its record on human rights

Suu Kyi says West’s sanctions in Burma should remain in place

The party of the Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi believes Western sanctions should remain in place despite her release, because prohibitions hit the military regime rather than the ordinary population. 



Allegiances are rewritten on the pages of an old Mubarak ally

Emotions were always going to run high when journalists gathered to march in memory of Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud, a colleague shot dead through his right eye as he used his mobile phone from a window to photograph police beating – and by some accounts shooting at – anti-Mubarak demonstrators. 


The sheiks of Al-Azhar, the highest Islamic institute, march with the masses in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Monday to pressure President Hosni Mubarak to step down. (AP)

Brotherhood threatens to quit talks with Egyptian govt

CAIRO: US President Barack Obama said on Monday talks to resolve Egypt’s crisis were making progress, but the main Islamist opposition in Cairo said it could quit the process if protesters’ demands were not met.


Opinion: An Israeli conspiracy that never existed

I have, since childhood, been hearing about an invisible thing called the Israeli conspiracy.
It is always said that Israel did this and Israel did that. What is worse is when I hear that Israel is planning to do that. So, if we already know what Israel is planning to do, then why not either stop it or avoid it. The biggest conspiracy I heard regarding the Arabs and the Israelis is the humiliating defeat of June 1967. The Egyptians blamed everybody but themselves for the defeat.

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