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Israel: The ugly truth

Mya Guarnieri 22 Jan 2011 12:16 GMT

As it slides further into open and violent racism, Israel offers the Western world a reflection of itself.


Police join protests in Tunisia

PM’s pledge to quit politics after elections fails to pacify Tunisians demanding dissolution of interim government.

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Suicides spread to Saudi Arabia

Tunisia mourns unrest victims

Sidi Bouzid’s belated recognition

What’s next for Tunisia?

Timeline: Tunisia’s civil unrest


 Afghan parliament standoff persists

Newly elected representatives holding talks with President Karzai over his decision to delay the opening session.

Obama urged to condemn settlements

US academics and ex-government officials ask US president to support UN resolution against illegal Israeli settlements.


Blackwater employee on patrol in Baghdad

‘Prince of Mercenaries’ turns up in Somalia

Guy Adams: Blackwater founder sets up new force to tackle piracy.


Meanwhile, in Iraq, it’s bloody business as usual

After a brief respite, Iraq was plunged back into violence this week with a series of bombings that highlighted the weakness of government forces to protect Iraq as US prepares to pack up and take its troops out of the country. 


Blair’s promise to Bush: count on us

Tony Blair

Ex-PM feared damaging relations with US and looked beyond warnings against Iraq invasion, Chilcot inquiry is told

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