06 Jan

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US beggar’s priceless gift

A homeless man’s prized voice brings him a glorious new life for the New Year.



In this episode of 48, Amanda Palmer and the crew travel to the remote, very cold and very beautiful Greenland, where just 57,000 people live on the world’s largest island.

We start in the capital Nuuk to join our Inuit guide Else and her father Vittus on their regular family weekend outing: a seal hunt.


For the Inuit, this is no sport.


Passengers foil Turkey ‘hijacking’

Suspect tackled after attempting to storm cockpit on flight from Norway to Istanbul, Turkish media report.
Last Modified: 06 Jan 2011 02:59 GMT


European poll: An Islamic threat?

Nabila Ramdani 06 Jan 2011 13:47 GMT
A new poll conducted in France and Germany indicates that a notable portion of participants consider Islam a “threat”.

Illnesses linked to BP oil disaster

Dahr Jamail 05 Jan 2011 16:55 GMT
Doctor attributes widespread sickness to toxic chemicals from the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe.

Iran ‘detains US woman on spying’

State media says authorities arrest 55-year-old woman who entered the country without visa and with “spying equipment”.
Last Modified: 06 Jan 2011 10:37 GMT


11 more flu deaths recorded across UK new

The NHS is preparing to expand the number of beds available for a highly specialised treatment.


Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks

Private memo exposes US fears over Wikileaks

Guy Adams: White House instructs every government department to create ‘insider threat’ programmes that will ferret out disgruntled employees who might leak secrets recently made public by website. ……………………………


WikiLeaks: Secret whaling deal plotted by US and Japan

6 Jan 2011:
 American diplomats proposed Japan reduce whaling in exchange for US help cracking down on the anti-whaling activists Sea Shepherd, leaked cables reveal

Japan and the US proposed to investigate and act against international anti-whaling activists from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as part of a political deal to reduce whaling in Antarctic waters.

Four confidential cables from the US embassy in Tokyo and the state department in Washington, released by WikiLeaks, show US and Japanese diplomats secretly negotiating a compromise agreement ahead of a key meeting last year of the International Whaling Commission, the body that regulates international whaling.


US Congress: Demolition experts

 Editorial: Barack Obama returns not to advance an ambitious agenda but to protect its battered remains 25 comments

Michael Tomasky: Meet the House of Representatives of 2011

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