03 Jan

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The little red book that swept France

The latest call to (non-violent) arms has turned a 93-year-old war hero into a publishing phenomenon. John Lichfield reports

Stéphane Hessel

Stéphane Hessel, centre, at a rally in Paris with the singer Jane Birkin and the writer Dan Franck.

Take a book of just 13 pages, written by a relatively obscure 93-year-old man, which contains no sex, no jokes, no fine writing and no startlingly original message. A publishing disaster? No, a publishing phenomenon.

Indignez vous! (Cry out!), a slim pamphlet by a wartime French resistance hero, Stéphane Hessel, is smashing all publishing records in France. The book urges the French, and everyone else, to recapture the wartime spirit of resistance to the Nazis by rejecting the “insolent, selfish” power of money and markets and by defending the social “values of modern democracy”.


Political crisis shakes Pakistan PM

Ruling PPP government scrambles to stay in power as coalition partner quits and possible vote of no-confidence looms.Last Modified: 03 Jan 2011 09:28 GMT

Central & South Asia

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Challenging times

Pakistan ministers to quit cabinet

Pakistan: behind the violence


Deadly attacks mar Iraq’s New Year

A Christian woman, two US soldiers and an Iraqi policeman are the latest victims of gunmen across the country.Last Modified: 03 Jan 2011 14:35 GMT

 Plight of ‘persecuted’ ChristiansThe ‘Lebanonisation’ of IraqIraq war factories Fate of Iraqi Christians


Tears and gas: a call to mobilise

Jesse Rosenfeld and Joseph Dana 03 Jan 2011 10:31 GMT

Getting nowhere at home, Israel’s Palestine solidarity activists push a global call for action………………………………

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