28 Dec

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Shooting Hope

The film Shooting Hope follows a project that uses photography to bring Palestinian and Lebanese teenagers together.
Pictures of Baghdad flash across a computer screen in a small office in Beirut.

In this article, filmmaker Toni Oyry describes how the teenage residents of impoverished Palestinian refugee camps and their Lebanese peers are learning to see the bigger picture of their neighbouring communities through the lens of a camera.

“Every picture you take stays in your memory, pictures are never forgotten,” said Ramzi Haidar, an award-winning Lebanese photo-journalist.


Pakistan ministers to quit cabinet

Karachi-centred political party serves notice on government following tensions with coalition partners.
Last Modified: 28 Dec 2010 12:05 GMT


African leaders confront Gbagbo

West African leaders poised to deliver an ultimatum to Cote d’Ivoire’s disputed president to exert further pressure.
Last Modified: 28 Dec 2010 12:32 GMT


Palestine: recognising the state

John V. Whitbeck 28 Dec 2010 14:13 GMT
International lawyer and author analyses the quality as well quantity of the states that recognise Palestine.


Russia hits out over Khodorkovsky

US and Europe told to ‘mind their own business’ after tycoon found guilty of theft and money laundering  


America’s cracked political system

US politics, often decried for its ‘partisanship’, is all too bipartisan – in its deeply dysfunctional consensus on tax and wealth

By Jeffrey Sachs

Nancy Pelosi John Boehner
Then House minority leader John Boehner (Republican, Ohio) looks on, past then speaker Nancy Pelosi, as President Obama speaks to the press before a meeting with bipartisan congressional leadership in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, 2009. Photograph: Reuters/Jason Reed

America is on a collision course with itself. This month’s deal between President Barack Obama and the Republicans in Congress to extend the tax cuts initiated a decade ago by President George W Bush is being hailed as the start of a new bipartisan consensus. I believe, instead, that it is a false truce in what will become a pitched battle for the soul of American politics.

As in many countries, conflicts over public morality and national strategy come down to questions of money. In the United States, this is truer than ever. The US is running an annual budget deficit of around $1tn, which may widen further as a result of the new tax agreement. This level of annual borrowing is far too high for comfort. It must be cut, but how?…………………………………..


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