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WikiLeaks cables: US intervened in Michael Moore NZ screening

Embassy angered by ‘potential fiasco’ of cabinet minister hosting a showing of Fahrenheit 9/11

By Richard Adams in Washington

Film-maker Michael Moore
 Michael Moore: US officials panicked when they thought an NZ cabinet minister was hosting a showing of his film Fahrenheit 9/11. Photograph: Gary Calton/NetworkWhatever else WikiLeaks may have revealed, one fact has been repeatedly confirmed: the US government under George Bush really loathed the documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

After a leaked cable from US diplomats in Havana falsely claimed Cuba had banned Moore’s documentary Sicko – when in fact it was shown on state television – another cable reveals US officials flying into a panic after hearing a rumour that a New Zealand cabinet minister was hosting a screening of Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9/11.

Labelling the event a “potential fiasco”, the classified cable from the US embassy in Wellington in 2003 reads like a failed plotline for an episode of In the Loop, breathlessly reporting a series of calls to the New Zealand prime minister’s office and to the minister involved, Marian Hobbs……………….


Russia condemns UK expulsion

Moscow says it was forced to respond in kind after its diplomat was declared persona non grata.
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It only takes one bad Apple

Mark LeVine 22 Dec 2010 13:14 GMT
Apple’s recent removal of a WikiLeaks application from its itunes App Store could lead to a product boycott.

Aung San Suu Kyi

News special 22 Dec 2010 14:00 GMT
A dialogue with the recently released Burmese dissident about democracy, conflict, and the need for reconciliation.


Rapid Action Battalion, accused of hundreds of extra-judicial killings, received training from UK officers, cables reveal  


WikiLeaks cables: McDonald’s used US to put pressure on El Salvador

21 Dec 2010:Burger giant tried to delay US legislation in order to aid lawsuit being fought in Central American country, cables reveal


Obama’s tax deal: read the small print

Dean Baker

Dean Baker: It’s been heralded by some as a ‘second stimulus’, but check the numbers: it’s a recipe for slow growth and high unemployment


US soldiers on patrol in Chowkay district near the Pakistani border in Kunar province, eastern Afghanistan

US military pushes Obama to allow more Pakistan raids

Rupert Cornwell: Demands to expand cross-border commando raids against Taliban and al-Qa’ida militants.


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