19 Dec

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‘US senate to support START treaty’

US Democrats believe they have enough votes in the senate to ratify a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia by year’………………………..

 Biden warns against START failureNew steps on nuclear disarmament Obama on US-Russia treaty

Egypt blames Israel for impasse

Egyptian leader blames Israel for peace stalemate with Palestinians and warns against security by “occupation or arms”.


The delusions of the peace process

Richard Falk 18 Dec 2010 13:08 GMT
The politics of the peace process have emphatically ensured that the mere prospect for producing peace is nonexistent.

 Extraditing Assange

Sweden’s foreign minister discusses the case against the WikiLeaks founder and Stockholm’s terrorist attacks.
Last Modified: 19 Dec 2010 10:48 GMT

US criticises Assange extradition court

Council of Europe's British former secretary general Terry Davis

Leaked dispatches reveal diplomats’ disdain for Council of Europe’s stance against extraditions to US and secret renditions ……………………………….

Assange feels under attack from British media partner

David Randall and Emily Dugan: Article detailing women’s statements to police angers his supporters.


The Daily Cartoon


A Union artillery battery during the Civil War

After 150 years, the Civil War still divides the United States

Rupert Cornwell: As the country prepares to commemorate the great schism, the echoes of the bloody conflict still reverberate through its politics and culture.


Washington bureau chief Bill Sammon is at the centre of the memos scandal

Leaked memos cast doubt on Fox News’ claim of neutrality

America’s most influential right-wing media outlet is facing up to the chilling prospect of having a whistleblower in its own newsroom.


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