08 Dec

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MasterCard site hit by hacker revenge attack

WikiLeaks latest: Operation Payback hits credit card firm and Swedish prosecution authority as ‘censorship’ row escalates

MasterCard credit cards 

Full coverage of the US embassy cables


Abbas: Middle East talks in crisis

Palestinian president urges EU to get involved after US fails to secure an Israeli freeze on settlement building.
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Beware of gift bearing Libertarians

Cliff Schecter 08 Dec 2010 15:12 GMT
Has the US political landscape been shaken up, or is the Tea Party a rebranding effort by the religious Right?……..

Trouble at the Top of the World
Alpaca herders in the high Andes of Peru offer an insight into the real impact of climate change on remote communities.


Extreme weather systems have become increasingly frequent across the globe, with devastating consequences for communities in both the immediate and long term.

In the high Andes of Peru, alpaca ranchers who have successfully adapted to their extreme altitude over generations are now discovering that the increasingly severe winters are becoming more than they can bear.

The maker of the film Trouble at the Top of the World explains why Alejo Tunco and his community are struggling against the elements and why their very way of life is being threatened by the encroaching impact of climate change. 


This case must not obscure WikiLeaks’ revelations

Johann Hari: We will never unlearn or unknow the great truths that Julian Assange has brought to the world.

Every one of us owes a debt to Julian Assange. Thanks to him, we now know that our governments are pursuing policies that place you and your family in considerably greater danger. Wikileaks has informed us they have secretly launched war on yet another Muslim country, sanctioned torture, kidnapped innocent people from the streets of free countries and intimidated the police into hushing it up, and covered up the killing of 15,000 civilians – five times the number killed on 9/11. Each one of these acts has increased the number of jihadis. We can only change these policies if we know about them – and Assange has given us the black-and-white proof.


Mahmoud Abbas is threatening to dissolve Palestinian Authority if deal fails

Hopes for peace deal fade as US abandons settlement freeze talks

The Obama administration’s efforts to achieve a a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians suffered a serious blow last night with an admission by Washington that it had abandoned efforts to agree a new moratorium on the building of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. 


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