23 Nov

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‘It was brutal!’ RT crew freed on bail after 32 hours in US jail for filming rally

An RT news crew has been freed on bail – after spending around 32 hours in a U.S. jail. They were taken into custody in the state of Georgia, while filming an annual rally near a military base nicknamed the ‘School of Assassins’. Correspondent Kaelyn Forde and cameraman Jon Conway were forced to pay a fine after they were accused of taking part in the unlawful rally. Police are still considering another charge against them, for allegedly failing to obey officers’ instructions. Kaelyn Forde, who’s at the centre of the story, described the police’s actions as ‘brutal’.






Koreas exchange artillery fire 

North insists it was provoked into firing scores of shells at a South Korean island close to a disputed maritime border.
Last Modified: 23 Nov 2010 14:45 GMT

href=””>Israel passes land-for-peace law


Bill stipulates a two-thirds Knesset majority or a referendum on any potential land-for-peace deal concluded with Arabs.
Last Modified: 23 Nov 2010 15:13 GMT
Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed the law, saying any peace deal ‘demands a broad national agreement’ [AFP] 

Israel’s parliament, backed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has approved a law that requires a two-thirds Knesset majority or a referendum on any potential land-for-peace deal concluded with Arab neighbours. 

The law, which was passed by a vote of 65 to 33 on Monday, calls for putting any treaty involving a withdrawal from Israeli-annexed land to a public vote, in the event that Israel’s parliament has not approved the deal in question by a two-thirds majority. 

It would cover any agreements involving a pullback from occupied land Israel has already annexed – East Jerusalem, or the Golan Heights captured from Syria. 

Netanyahu, who is currently engaged in efforts to revive stalled peace negotiations with the Palestinians, praised the passage of the law. 

“Any peace agreement demands a broad national agreement and this law provides this,” a statement from his office said after the vote. 

“The Israel public is involved, informed and responsible and I trust that on the day of decision they would back a peace agreement that answers the national interests, security needs of the state of Israel,” he said, according to the statement. 

‘Right wing trick’…………………………………. 


‘Taliban impostor duped officials’ 

A man claiming to be a senior Taliban leader allegedly duped the Afghan government into holding secret peace talks.
Last Modified: 23 Nov 2010 13:22 GMT


US drivers drunk in charge of nuclear weapons

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Agents hired to transport nuclear weapons in the US have been getting drunk on the job, according to a report by the US Energy Department’s watchdog.******************


Cambodia counts cost of stampede

Cambodian authorities struggle to deal with aftermath of yesterday’s water festival stampede which left hundreds deadIn pictures: Stampede at Cambodian festival

Hundreds killed in stampede in Cambodia


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