10 Nov

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Israel arrests top Hamas legislator

Israeli troops detain Mahmoud Ramahi, secretary-general of the Palestinian Legislative Council, in the city of Ramallah.

Israeli forces last arrested Ramahi in 2006 in a roundup of dozens of Hamas officials  

Israeli troops have arrested Mahmoud Ramahi, the secretary-general of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Hamas sources have said.

The troops stormed the Hamas legislator’s home in the city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Mona Mansour, another Hamas legislator, said Ramahi had called her as the troops entered his house to tell her that he was being arrested.

“Then the phone call disconnected and no one knows where he was taken to,” she said.

The Israeli army said Ramahi was one of twelve West Bank Palestinians taken into custody overnight.

The developments come as representatives from Hamas and the Fatah party started a meeting in Damascus on Tuesday night for reconciliation talks


Photos allege Sri Lanka massacre

Photographs obtained by Al Jazeera appear to show massacre of Tamils during final stages of Sri Lanka’s civil war…………………………..

US ‘to question’ army chief

Tamil Tigers confirm leader’s death

Sri Lanka’s humanitarian crisis

Sri Lanka declares ‘final victory’


UK students protest university fees

Up to 50,000 students attempt to occupy Conservative party HQ in rally against plans to raise tuition fees……………………………….

Europe on a budget

Britain’s age of apathy?

UK announces 490,000 job cuts


Christians targeted in Iraq attacks

A string of roadside bombs in Baghdad kills at least three people and leaves another 24 injured………………………………………………….

Pilgrims killed in Iraq

Iraqi Christians

Fears over fate of Iraqi Christians

Al-Qaeda claims church attack


'Unlike Mr Tony Blair, who emerges from his well-calibrated if often chilling memoir as a man of colossal cleverness (though not intellect), W has the self-awareness of a bison'

How did this wastrel ever get to the White House?

Matthew Norman: There seems even less to him than met the eye, and there was precious little of that.


Muslim school helps out secular neighbour

On the face of it the two schools have nothing in common apart from the city they share.

 Tauheedul Islam Girls’ School in Blackburn was one of the country’s first state-funded Muslim schools, set up by parents who wanted an alternative to the state sector. Ranked as outstanding by Ofsted, it has some of the best exam results in Britain.

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Blakewater College has traditionally served a more white working-class Lancastrian community in another part of the city. It has a chequered past, having problems with behaviour and exam performance.

But now Tauheedul is helping Blakewater turn itself round. It is the first time that a Muslim school has been asked to perform a rescue act on a non-faith state school, but the experiment is already paying dividends.

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