06 Nov

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French nuclear waste enters Germany

Thousands rally against a highly radioactive train shipment which protesters say will not be stored safely.

Bush ‘considered’ bombing Syria

In memoir to be released soon, former US president says Israel wanted him to bomb suspected Syrian nuclear facility…………………..


Deaths in wake of Haiti hurricane

Seven people killed as Hurricane Tomas lashes Caribbean country with fierce winds and rain before moving on to Cuba……………………………………………………..
Last Modified: 06 Nov 2010 05:16 GMT
Towns in western Haiti were cut off from the outside world after flooding damaged already neglected roads [AFP] 

Hurricane Tomas has lashed Haiti with fierce winds and rain, leaving seven people dead and prompting the main airport’s closure.
Flooding cut off some parts of the country and authorities warned of the heightened risk of mudslides as rains continued off and on for hours on Saturday before the storm moved on to Cuba,


The People’s Republic of San Francisco

The city that kept out the Republicans and banned Happy Meals has a long history of doing things its own way 

By Guy Adams. Saturday, 6 November 2010 

  • Allen Ginsberg, the poet and voice of the 'Beat Generation'
    Getty Images , Allen Ginsberg, the poet and voice of the ‘Beat Generation’ 
  • Like its hilly streets full of rattling trams, this week was full of ups and downs for your average San Franciscan. 

     There was joy for the Giants baseball team which, after more than 50 years’ trying, brought a World Series trophy home to California’s left coast; and despair for a political movement beloved of four in five residents, when Barack Obama’s Democrats suffered huge losses in Tuesday’s elections. 

    In sporting victory, locals danced to the beat of their own drum. The rest of the nation toasts baseball triumph with hot dogs and watery beer, but Giants fans add one of the region’s finest agricultural exports into their celebratory mix. “I could smell weed in the outfield. It was crazy!” said Josh Hamilton, star slugger for their opponents, the Texas Rangers, said of the ambience at their stadium. 

    In political defeat, “Frisco” also did things its own way. The US midterms were a sobering rejection of what Republicans like to call the “Nancy Pelosi San Francisco Democrats”. But the city’s legislative machine responded to the nation’s lurch rightwards with a classic piece of Pelosi-style left-wingery: banning McDonald’s Happy Meals from its restaurants. ……………………..

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