21 May

Events of Interest and Analyses

North Korea warns of war

Seoul vows “prudent” response as tensions rise over sinking of South Korean warship.

Brazil criticises US over Iran

President Lula says US is taking hardline approach towards Tehran’s nuclear programme.



Guantanamo forever?

People & Power looks at the obstacles to closing the infamous US prison in Cuba.


Hague orders torture claims inquiry

William Hague arrives at Downing Street Judge will investigate allegations that British secret services were complicit in abuse of terror suspects

Inquiry expected to expose officials who colluded


Torture and rendition: Inquiry expected to expose officials who colluded

 Disclosures made by press about the way British facilities used during US programme of extraordinary rendition

The real Climategate

Johann Hari: Global warming – and the worst environmental disasters – will only be tackled when green lobbyists in the US stop taking cash from Big Oil and Big Coal

Oil leak greater than first estimates, BP admits


Texas to vote on curriculum that changes history

The slave trade was in fact the “Atlantic triangular trade”. Capitalism, with all its negative connotations, should in future be referred to as the “free enterprise system”.

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