18 May

Events of Interest and Analyses

Deadly suicide blast hits Kabul

Taliban claims responsibility after car bombing kills Nato troops and Afghan civilians.


Kandahar Karzai dismisses criticism
Why Karzai cannot choose his family
Afghanistan’s governance problem
‘Oil key to better Afghan future’
Colonel Campbell’s war

Thai protesters accept mediation

Government insists on dispersal of red shirts as their leader strikes conciliatory note.
The swap deal could have bought time for negotiations on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.


Israeli commentators question whether entry refusal is party of a growing trend.


Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin to join speakers’ circuit

‘Pro-life’ events and conferences on cards as 19-year-old profits from high-profile pregnancy during presidential campaign

The McGlynn: Good God! Now it is her family! The All Mighty Dollar Rules!


A bad storm would hinder efforts to plug the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico

Violent hurricanes could hamper oil clean-up

Meteorologists in the United States are warning of an unusually active hurricane season this summer, stirring concerns that just one severe tempest at sea early on could cripple ongoing operations by BP and the US government to plug the crippled oil well in the Gulf of Mexico and contain the already giant spill.

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